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Talenti furniture

Talenti is a world-renowned Italian company specializing in the design and production of outdoor furniture. They set the bar for design trends, successfully experiment with innovative technologies and materials, and establish benchmarks for designer furniture. Their garden furniture is not only meticulously designed to the smallest detail but also crafted from recycled fabrics that are intricately shaped both visually and tactilely. Talenti creates original and refined products, epitomizing the unique style of Italian taste that transcends the boundaries between indoor and outdoor furnishing.

Every detail of Talenti products is meticulously crafted for designers, architects and furnishing specialists to select only the best.

Talenti's collections feature unique furnishing elements that blend the charm of interior design with the natural beauty of outdoor spaces. Their products are designed to seamlessly adapt to diverse outdoor environments, whether for commercial or residential settings, and cater to a range of styles, from classic to contemporary.

The use of recycled fabrics reflects their commitment to sustainability, ensuring that their products meet not only the highest design standards but also sustainability criteria. Through this collaboration, Good Place enables its customers to access premium outdoor furniture that combine aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, and eco-consciousness, essential for creating attractive and functional outdoor spaces.

Talenti's extensive range includes a wide variety of chairs, armchairs, seating sets, tables, garden sets, sunbeds, parasols, and vases.